Viencon’s Fiery anime run

August 17, 2018 at 9:00 pm

Come and watch as 6 people eat 5 different spicy hot wings, while playing a game where you have think of an anime name each round. Sounds easy right?

If you want to take part of this challenge, come to the event and maybe you will be picked out of the crowd.

The person who can withstand the hottest spices will win a prize figure!

It is strongly advised against this event for people who are pregnant (in expectation), suffer from certain physical illnesses. Participating is at your own risk.
By taking part in this event, the participant agrees with the conditions that if something may occur, Viencon and those involved are not responsible for the consequences.

Viencon's Fiery anime runCome and watch as 6 people eat 5 different spicy hot wings, while playing a game where you…

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Viencon Cosplay Competition

May 19, 2018 at 8:00 am


The Competition

Are you ready to take the stage at the Viencon Cosplay Competition? Of course you are! You can sign up until August 1st.

The competition will take place on Saturday September 1st, 2018.

For this competition, you are allowed to enter with a bought costume! However, you can only participate for the act/skit prize. So if you’re amazing with skits and not-so-great with sewing and crafting, you can still enjoy competing. A small side-note, lying about the costume will lead to disqualification. Our experienced judges will know when a costume is self-made or not.

Be sure to read the rules below and you can sign up via this form:

Cosplay Competition Rules


General Rules

  • Costumes are not allowed to be obscene, insulting and contain or provoke hate speech.
  • Nudity is not allowed. All costumes must cover intimate areas as public nudity is prohibited (think of the children, why won’t anyone think of the children…).
  • Do not harass anyone. We have a zero tolerance policy concerning our rules.
  • Have respect for each other.
  • You can sign-up until August 1st 2018.

Competition Rules

  • You’re not allowed to participate with a costume that has already won a prize.
  • Lying about whether a costume is self-made or not will lead to disqualification.
  • All contestants have to perform an act. The duration is 1:30 minutes for a solo act and 2 minutes for a duo act.
  • Only existing characters are allowed, so no own designs or gijinkas.
  • Your final evaluation is made up of 60% of the act/skit and 40% of the costume.
  • There is room for 15 solo acts and 15 duo acts.
  • Pre-selection will take place when more than fifteen entries have signed up, because we don’t have enough time for more entries.
  • Contestants have to tell which parts of the costume they have made themselves and which not.
  • There will be an MC on stage to ask you a few questions. Don’t worry, they won’t bite.
  • You can win prizes in three categories (see prizes).

Weapons and props

What is allowed and what isn’t? Remember that all props should be safe and easy to carry and handle in busy environments. Your props shouldn’t endanger anyone or accidentally hurt anyone. If you have brought such a prop or weapon, it will be taken into custody. In case of weapons, we will have to contact the police.

Also keep in mind weapon law of The Netherlands. A prop should never resemble a weapon or be made of heavy materials, such as hard wood and metal. A few examples of prohibited weapons are: firearms, weapons that can shock someone, fake/toy weapons that can’t be distinguished from the real ones, crossbows, swords, stilettos, butterfly knives, (brass) knuckles, arrows and arrow points, knives, airguns, self defence weapons such as pepper spray and tear gas.


You will receive an email to confirm your sign up. In case of more than 15 entries, 15 entries will be selected for each competition. Once the sign ups close the contestants will be emailed and asked to send information about their costume for the pre-selection. Make sure everything is in order for the pre-selection. After the pre-selection you will receive further information for the next steps, for example where and when you have to be for prejudging.


  • Prejudging will take place at the Venue, before the Cosplay Competition begins. All contestants have to be presents so the judges have enough time to look at everyone’s costumes.
  • If you haven’t made your cosplay yourselves, then you don’t have to be at the prejudging.


Our prizes are sponsored by Cosplay Clues and Hype Creations.

The prizes are in the following categories:

  1. Best Act
  2. Best Costume
  3. Best Overall

If you have not made your own costume, then you can only contest for Best Act.


Algemene regels

    • Kostuums mogen niet obsceen of beledigend zijn, aanzetten tot haat of provoceren.
    • Naakt is niet toegestaan. Alle kostuums moet voldoende dekking hebben om in het openbaar gedragen te worden (vergeet niet dat er gezinnen met kinderen aanwezig zijn).
    • Val niemand lastig. We hanteren een zero tolerance beleid.
    • Heb respect voor elkaar.
    • Je kunt je inschrijven tot 1 augustus 2018.



Contest Regels

  • Je mag niet meedoen met een kostuum dat al een prijs heeft gewonnen voor een andere cosplay competitie bij andere conventies.
  • Liegen over of je kostuum zelf gemaakt is, kan leiden tot diskwalificatie.
  • Alle deelnemers zullen een act moeten opvoeren. Maximaal 1:30 minuut voor een Solo act en maximaal 2 minuten voor een Duo act.
  • Uitsluitend bestaande personages (dus geen eigen designs)
  • Act zal beoordeeld worden op 60-40 (act-kostuum).
  • Er is ruimte voor 15 solo acts en 15 duo acts.
  • Er zal een voorselectie plaatsvinden als er meer dan 15 aanmeldingen per categorie zijn.
  • Deelnemers kunnen tijdens de voorselectie aangeven welke delen compleet zelf gemaakt zijn.
  • Er zal een presentator aanwezig zijn op het podium om je enkele vragen te stellen. Wees gerust, hij bijt niet.
  • Je kunt prijzen ontvangen in verschillende categorieën (zie prijzen).

Wapens en rekwisieten

Wat mag je meebrengen en wat kun je beter thuis laten? Onthoud dat alle rekwisieten die je meebrengt veilig moeten zijn in een drukke omgeving. Breng niemand in gevaar en doe niemand pijn met je rekwisiet. Mocht je een verboden wapen hebben meegebracht, wordt deze in beslag genomen en zullen wij contact opnemen met de politie.

Iedereen moet zich houden aan de regels van de Nederlandse Wapenwet. Enkele voorbeelden van de lijst van verboden wapens volgens de Nederlandse Wapenwet: vuurwapen, voorwerp dat een elektrische stroomstoot kan geven, nepwapen of speelgoedwapen dat niet van een echt vuurwapen te onderscheiden is, kruisboog, zwaard, stiletto, vlindermes, valmes, boksbeugel, pijlen en pijlpunten, mes met meerdere snijkanten, luchtdrukwapen en zelfverdedigingswapen, zoals pepperspray of traangas.


Degene die zich aanmelden ontvangen een mail ter bevestiging. Zodra de inschrijvingen sluiten worden deelnemers door ons gecontacteerd en gevraagd om informatie te sturen over hun cosplay kostuum voor de voorselectie. Zorg ervoor dat je er tip top uitziet tijdens de voorselectie!

Voor iedere wedstrijd worden 15 deelnemers geselecteerd. Na de selectie zal je verdere instructies gestuurd krijgen voor de volgende stappen. Ook krijg je te horen waar je moet verzamelen voor de prejudging.


De prejudging vindt plaats op locatie, voordat de Cosplay Contest van start gaat. Alle deelnemers dienen van te voren aanwezig te zijn zodat de jury hun cosplay kostuum kan bekijken en beoordelen. Wanneer je niet zelf de cosplay gemaakt hebt hoef je niet bij de prejudging aanwezig te zijn.


Onze prijzen zijn gesponsord door Cosplay Clues en Hype Creations. De prijzen voor de competitie worden verdeeld over: Best Act, Best Costume en Best Overall. (in geval van geen eigengemaakte cosplay maak je alleen kans op Best Act.)



AMV Competition

March 9, 2018 at 9:00 pm


AMV, short for Anime Music Video, is when an anime is edited to fit with a song. It has been done for over a decade, with the first AMVs distributed through LimeWire and Would you like to give it a go and participate in a competition?

Be sure to read the rules below.


When is the deadline?
You can sign up via the form below until August 1st.
You are allowed to enter previously made and uploaded AMVs, because we realise how little time there is until the deadline. However, you are not allowed to enter an AMV that you’ve already competed with. If there are too many entries, the judges will make a selection.
 We won’t accept submissions after this date. Submissions can be reviewed and can be accepted, but we cannot guarantee this. Once sent in, the AMV can’t be changed. If there are too many submissions, we will hold a pre-selection round. You will hear if you’ve made it before August 24th.
Which extensions will be accepted?
  • AVI
  • MP4
  • MKV H264
  • XVID
  • DIVX
  • MPEG-2
  • MPEG-4
Requirements of the AMV:
Your AMV has to be an original self-made product that hasn’t entered another Dutch AMV competition. At least 50% has to be from animated material and contain music. Manga shots and live-action are also allowed. Excessive violence and pornography are not. In case of doubt, you can always contact us. The total length has be less than 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Logos and subtitles are not allowed. You will have to use footage without subtitles or remove these yourself. The video resolution has to be between 1024 x 576 and 1920 x 1080p. Aspect ratio can be 4:3 and 16:9 (but try not to stretch the footage). We allow lower resolution, but it won’t score you points with the judges.
Uploading and submitting.
The name of the video has contain your first and last name (or nickname) followed by the title of the AMV. Upload it to a website like Rapidshare or Wetranfser and send the link to the via email to
We won’t show or distribute your video without permission.

If you struggle with inspiration, why not go with our theme Cannonball Splash?

AMV by StripedPantsu.

AMV Compo

What’s an anime convention without an AMV compo?Send the AMV before August 17th. Send it via E-mail to and use a hosting site like sendspace to upload the video. It can't exceed 3 minutes and 30 second. Read the technical requirements and rules in the notes on our page. They will be uploaded on the website at a later date.If you struggle with inspiration, why not go with our theme Cannonball Splash?AMV by StripedPantsu.

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Freestyle cosplay compo

January 20, 2018 at 8:34 am

Want to participate in a relaxed competition? Our walk-on competition is perfect. Whether you’re new to cosplaying or a veteran, everyone is welcome in our Freestyle Competition. Can you dominate the catwalk with a cool walk-on? Do you want to try competing in a relaxed competition? You should definitely sign-up.

Sign up by emailing Put “Freestyle Cosplay Comp Sign-Up” in the subject line.

1) Your costume has to be made by yourself. Bought wigs, small props, and shoes are allowed.
2) We allow all kinds of cosplay, from video games to anime.
3) The cosplay has to cover your private parts.
4) Fanart versions are allowed.

You will be judged on your costume and stage presence. Just have fun and you will be fine!

Photography compo

January 20, 2018 at 8:33 am

Considering how important cosplay photography is to Viencon, we decided that we should definitely host a Photo Competition. We would like everyone to join. Make a photograph of a cosplayer during the convention and enter it in the competition to win prizes.

What you have to do:
Post the cosplay photo on your instagram account
Mention @Viencon in the photo description
And tag it #VienconPhotoCompo2018

The deadline is on Saturday 1 September at 23:59 (11:59PM). It has to be taken at the venue. Only one photo per participant allowed. The photos will be judged by a group of photographers and cosplayers. Not only can you win a prize, but the best or funniest ones will be printed (with your permission) and shown at the next Viencon Summer Festival.


January 19, 2018 at 11:46 pm

We got the question whether figures would be allowed for the cosplay photography competition. The answer was no. Instead, we decided to have a figure photography competition, because figure photography is a fun hobby and shouldn’t be excluded.

What you have to do:
Post the cosplay photo on your instagram account,
Mention @Viencon in the photo description,
And tag it #VienconFigureCompo2018.

The deadline is on Saturday 1 September at 23:59 (11:59PM). It has to be taken at the venue. Only one photo per participant allowed. The photos will be judged by a group of photographers and figure lovers. You get to win a prize. The best or funniest ones will be printed (with your permission) and shown at the next Viencon Summer Festival.

Don’t forget to book as soon as possible! The ticket price includes your weekend ticket of €35 and your cottage starting from €60 for four days!