To attend Viencon, you agree with
the house rules summed here. In
case there is room to interpret a
rule, it applies judgment of the
staff members (from Viencon and
/ or Center Parcs) / stewards / gophers.


House Rules:

You have to adhere to the following house rules to attend Viencon. When a rule can be interpreted, the staff member/stewards/gophers’ interpretation and judgement is final.

  • You must follow the instructions of the staff members, stewards, gophers, and Center Park employees at all times in case of emergency.

  • Wear your Viencon badge/bracelet visible at all times.

  • Staff members and stewards hold the right to deny visitors access to Viencon in following cases:
    • Public disorder, endangering safety, and committing sexual crimes;
    • (Presumably) being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. It is NOT allowed to deal in drugs;
    • Causing disturbances (to others also);
    • Pollution at Viencon;
    • Deliberately inflicting damage to property;
    • Blocking and loitering where entry restrictions apply;
    • Not complying with the house rules.
    Staff members, stewards, and gophers are clearly recognisable by the unique t-shirts and visibly-worn badges. Viencon retains the right to call the police and claim (financial) damage from the guilty party. Circumstances that can be seen as criminal offences are alerted to the police. Visitors must be able to show valid means of identification when requested by staff members and stewards.

  • Staff members, stewards, and gophers hold the right to deny visitors entry to Viencon in the (but not limited to) following cases:
    • The event being overcrowded.
    • Minors at an 18+ event.

  • Children up to 16 years have to be accompanied by adults.

  • Viencon holds the right to deny entrance to a visitor without a particular reason. Viencon and its members cannot be claimed for the costs that have been made.

  • Unwanted and unconsented physical contact is strictly forbidden at Viencon. Physical contact is allowed if and only if all parties consent. Not adhering to this rule is seen as violation of house rule 3 and can lead to expulsion of Viencon, but you will also be reported to the police.

    Visitors are explicitly requested to report inappropriate behaviour and contact to the staff members, stewards, or gophers, which are easily recognisable by their unique t-shirts and badges.

  • Cosplay must not be too revealing due minors at the con. Mind that the bosom, crotch, and the derriere are covered. Obscene gestures and acts are also prohibited.

  • Weapons (real, fake, model versions) are prohibited at Viencon. Cosplay weapons are only allowed at cosplay-related events, unless otherwise specified. Cosplay weapons should conform to and are treated according to the Dutch Weapons Act.

  • Cosplay props are deemed unsafe for the environment and yourself are also prohibited.

    Staff members and stewards have the right to (temporarily) confiscate/prohibit dangerous cosplay props.

  • It is prohibited to spend the night any other place than the hotel room/bungalow you have booked. Visitors who violate these rules will be removed from Viencon.

  • Please mind that it is prohibited to carry baggage and coats at some places. It is prohibited to leave baggage and coats unattended. Staff members and stewards have the right to remove these items. We friendly request visitors to leave items you won’t need at the con in your own hotel room or bungalow, or to use the cloakroom.
    If you have a valid medical or professional reason to carry your baggage and coat, then you can request a “special baggage permit” at the registration desk or when registering at the website.

  • Photographers follow a different set of rules. You can find these in the Photographer section.

  • The use of personal devices (including mobile phones) to play copyrighted material is prohibited.

  • The use of personal devices (including mobile phones) in the video room is prohibited.

  • Marketing activities are prohibited at Viencon, unless you have written permission. These activities include, but are not limited to, distributing flyers, conduct surveys, the use of (self-adhesive) advertisement posters and stickers. Viencon holds the right to deny visitors access when these rules are violated.

  • Smoking is prohibited at Viencon, with exception of special designated areas.

  • It is prohibited to carry food and drinks at the areas, unless specified otherwise. Official dealers are allowed food and drinks at their stands, provided that they tidy themselves.
  • Center Parcs Swimming pool

    Regulations Center Parcs Swimming Pools

    Entry to Aqua Mundo

    It’s prohibited for visitors of the Aqua Mundo to bring and/or use the following goods at the Aqua Mundo:

    • All kinds of glasswork, thermos flasks and tumblers, glass, lunch coolers, drinks and food; 
    • Inflatable wares such as an Airbed Matrass, boats, hard and leather balls, tennis balls; 
    • Inflatable toys for children are allowed;  
    • Sound equipment (except for equipment working on battery);
    • Photography and video devices that use a 220 Volt cable connection (photography and video devices using battery are allowed);  
    • Photography and video devices are not to be used in the dressing rooms, showers, and saunas;  
    • Items that can harm oneself and the visitors such as weapons, needles (except for diabetics), drugs, etc.;
    • Pets.

    You are requested to store clothing in the designated lockers at the cloakroom of the swimming pool. Please do not bring valuable items. Items cannot be given at the lifeguard towers. Visitors are to empty their used locker after leaving the Aqua Mundo. The coin used to close the locker is then returned. The staff is able and allowed to remove unattended clothing from dressing rooms and lockers after closing hours. We (Center Parcs) are not responsible for the content of the lockers.
    Children to the age of 11 are not allowed to be in the pool without adult supervision. An adult has to be at least 18 years old. Parents and/or supervisors should provide children who can’t swim with lifejackets and armbands. An adult always needs to be in arm’s reach.

    Rejection or expulsion from the Aqua Mundo
    Entry will be denied and/or stay will be terminated in the following cases:
    • If not following the instructions of the staff and regulations;
    • When offenses are repeated, the entry can be denied indefinitely;
    • Being in possession of one or multiple goods of point 1;
    • Being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol;
    • Committing theft (which is always reported to the police);
    • Having contagious diseases or open wounds;

    Stay in the Aqua Mundo
    • Smoking is prohibited in the Aqua Mundo;
    • You are requested to shower before entering;
    • It is prohibited to use soap and shampoo in the Aqua Mundo for safety reasons, with exception of the showers.
    • It is prohibited to wear (outdoor) footwear.
    • It is only allowed to wear swim clothes in the Aqua Mundo. It is prohibited to swim or sunbathe topless.
    • It is prohibited to dive, due to the shallow pools.
    • Waterslides, and the like, are only to be used when the water currents are turned on.
    • It is strictly prohibited to stand, jump, walk, and take objects and/or people on the slides.
    • Visitors are to leave the outside pools of the Aqua Mundo in case of storm.
    • Mind that frequent use of the slides will lead to wear and tear of swimming clothes.
    • It is prohibited to run out of safety precautions and as not to disturb other visitors.

    General regulations
    People and/or groups can be denied entry to the Aqua Mundo and/or restaurants when they appear to or are expected to be a disturbance. Paid entry tickets can be refunded if the visitors hadn’t made use of the Aqua Mundo. Every vistor must behave in a manner that warrants order, safety, and hygiene. Staff rooms are prohibited for visitors. The number of visitors can be restricted if the Aqua Mundo is too crowded, due safety reasons. The management holds the right to change the opening times of or close (parts of) the Aqua Mundo in case of danger. It’s necessary to respect the opening and closing times. Day visitors are expected to have left at 22:30/11:30pm.

    Visiting is the Aqua Mundo is wholly at own risk. The management is not liable for accidents, thefts, damages to property of the visitors in the swimming areas, sauna, dressing rooms or lockers, parking, bicycle storage, and other accommodations. Visitors who cause damage to the property of Center Parcs Europe N.V. are liable and can be claimed for the all costs from the damages, repairs and replacements.

    Parents and/or supervisors need to make sure that children who can’t swim wear swimsafes. Swimsafes are available for free to young swimmers at the Aqua Mundo. They help floating, but are no guarantee for drowning. Even when using swimsafes, children are expected to swim only under supervision of an adult.

    Rules on cosplaying at the pool:
    Mind that your cosplay is waterproof and chlorine-resistant. This also includes your make-up, clothes, and wig. You are not to swim or dive with your wig. This is to prevent pollution and damage to the pool by cosplay wigs and materials (such as mermaid pearls).
    However, there will be underwater photo shoots at a specific time and place where you are allowed to wear your wig in and under water after deliberation.
    A monofin is allowed. However, if the monofin is part of a costume, then the costume needs to be waterproof also.


    Photography & Video Rules

    By accessing the festival grounds, you conform to the rules below! In case these rules allow room for interpretation, the final decision will be made by members of Staff, Security, Stewards and Gophers.

    Taking pictures during Viencon:

    Viencon is all about scenery and fantastic opportunities to make beautiful photographs. However, there are a few rules and regulations in effect.

    Below you will find our rules regarding making a photographical registration of the festival and hints for visitors on how to interact with photographers and vice versa. Photography & Video Rules

    It is PROHIBITED to record the following locations and people before, during and after Viencon in any way:
    • EVERY Video Room, the Event Rooms and the Game Room, including DDR unless stated otherwise.
    • Our professional security people (clearly distinguished by their bright yellow SECURITY jacket).
    • Any artists and/or members of (a) band(s) performing at the festival, unless stated otherwise.
    • Everyone (this includes cosplayers) who did not give permission to have their picture taken or be filmed by the registering party.
    Hints for cosplayers

    You as a cosplaying visitor of our festival are considered a special object of interest and a keen subject for photographers. Some of you don't have any problems with that, others just want to cosplay.

    • Photographers are recognisable through their official visitor’s badge, which they must wear at all times when taking pictures. If this is not the case and the photographer in question is on festival grounds, please warn Security and/or a Staff member (recognisable by red polo shirts with the word STAFF written on them), or a steward or gopher. When in doubt, always warn Security and/or a Staff member or a steward or gopher, even outside festival grounds. Forewarned is forearmed.
    • Photographers are recognisable through their official visitor’s badge, which they must wear at all times when taking pictures. If this is not the case and the photographer in question is on festival grounds, please warn Security and/or a Staff member (recognisable by red polo shirts with the word STAFF written on them), or a steward or gopher. When in doubt, always warn Security and/or a Staff member or a steward or gopher, even outside festival grounds. Viencon and its members are not liable in any way for infractions on Portrait Rights as mentioned in Dutch Copyright Law 1912, article 19-21.

      Staff and co-workers of Viencon, including official Photographer(s) are an exception to these rules.

      The pictures they take will only be used for promotional purposes of Viencon and future editions.


    All guests are to keep to the rules the park established, including the House Rules. The House Rules can be requested at the reception upon arrival.

    Violation of the House Rules can lead to expulsion from the park without (partial) refund of the rent and costs.

    Center Parcs holds the right to change the planning and opening times of the (main) facilities of the parks. There is no right to reimbursement.

    When maintenances are carried out at the park, you also do not hold the right to reimbursement.


    General questions:

    Viencon is a convention that focuses on cosplay, photography and relaxation. We’ve planned fun events and festivities. Also you can enjoy the tropical pools. We hope it feels like going on vacation!

    Centerparcs de Limburgse Peel in the Netherlands. It will be held from Friday August 31th 3:00PM until Sunday September 2nd 6:00PM. While Viencon ends on Sunday, the activities and facilities of Center Parcs remain available for everyone until Monday 10:00AM.

    Cannonball Splash, so bombs away!

    You can check in from Friday August 31st 3:00PM. You have to check out at Monday September 3rd 10:00AM.

    No, only the person who booked the cottage has to check everyone in. That person has to print the e-ticket and have valid ID. They will also receive the wristbands for everyone else. These wristbands will only be handed once.

    The wristband gives you access to all events and pools. Gophers and stewards will check for it frequently so you have to wear it at all times on your wrist. The wristband has to be worn tightly around the wrist, so you can’t slip it off. You’re also not allowed to wear it on your bag or anywhere else but your wrist.

    No, when we notice that you’ve cut or manipulated the wristband, we will declare it invalid and you will be denied access to the convention and the cottage.

    If you can show that you’ve somehow torn your wristband by accident, then you can get a new one provided you have your printed e-ticket, valid ID and the torn wristband. You will have to pay a fee of 5 euros for a new one. The new wristband has to be put on your wrist.
    If you’ve lost your wristband completely, you can get a new one for 20 euros. We could remove you from the park without a valid wrist band. Please, don’t lose it.

    Yes you can. We’ve found that it’s a hassle to have to put away your bags. However, safety comes first. So never leave your bag unattended and make sure it doesn’t block any paths. We could check your bag at the Market Dome.

    Yes, of course you can visit Viencon if you’re under the age of 18.

    Yes, Center Parcs is accessible for wheelchair users.

    Yes, you’re allowed to bring two pets with you. They have to stay at the bungalow. However its 16,50 euro extra for each pet.

    Viencon visitors can park their car at the bungalow. If there isn’t enough space, then you can park your car at the parking space of Center Parcs.

    Schiphol Airport
    From Schiphol Airport there will be direct trains to Horst-Sevenum. These trains depart every 30 minutes and estimated travel time will be 2 hours.

    Eindhoven Airport
    From Eindhoven airport you can take bus 400 or 401. These busses depart twice every hour. From Eindhoven central station you can take a direct train to Horst-Sevenum. These depart every 30 minutes. Traveling time will be roughly 1 hour.

    Maastricht-Aachen Aiport
    From Maastricht-Aachen airport you can take bus 30 to Sittard central station. From here you can take the train to Roermond. At Roermond you change trains for the one that is bound for Venlo. At Venlo central station you change train for the one that is bound for Schiphol and you will get off at Horst-Sevenum. Travelling time will be roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes.

    It's possible to check detailed information about the dutch public transport on the following websites:

    Yes, you have to go to Horst-Sevenum train station. We’ve got busses that will bring you to the convention from there. The park itself is hard to reach by public transport.

    Yes there is only one ATM at the Market Dome. Mind that it will be very busy.

    If the event is canceled, all the bookings that has been made will be refunded.



    Yes, cancelling is possible, but fees might apply.

    - Within 2 weeks after booking date it will be free of charge.

    - If you cancel after the 2 weeks persiod, we will charge a 50% cancellation fee.

    - Cacellation after 4 weeks of booking date will be charged fully.

    You can’t cancel a single ticket, because this would lower the price of the total price. You can cancel a whole cottage at a cancellation fee.