What is Viencon Summer Festival?
Viencon is a convention that focuses on cosplay, photography, and relaxation. It's an event that makes you feel as if you were on vacation!

Where and when will Viencon be held?
Viencon's location is at Centerparcs de Limburgse Peel in the Netherlands. It will be held from Friday August 28th 3:00PM until Sunday August 30th 6:00PM. While Viencon ends on Sunday, the activities and facilities of Center Parcs remain available for everyone until Monday 10:00AM!

When can we check in and when do we have to check out?
You can check in from Friday August 28th 3:00PM and you have to check out at Monday August 31st 10:00AM.

If we’ve booked a cottage with a few people, do we all have to check in together?
No, only the person who booked the cottage has to check everyone in. That person has to print the e-ticket out and have valid ID with them. They will then receive all of the wristbands that can be handed out to the rest of the people in your cottage. 

Do I have to wear my wristband?
The wristband gives you access to all events and the pool. Gophers and stewards will check for it frequently so you have to wear it at all times on your wrist. The wristband has to be worn tightly around the wrist, so you can’t slip it off. You’re also not allowed to wear it on your bag or anywhere else but your wrist.

Can I pass my wristband to someone else?
No, when we notice that you’ve cut or manipulated the wristband, we will declare it invalid and you will be denied access to the convention and the cottage.

What if I lose my wristband?
If you can show that you’ve somehow torn your wristband by accident, then you can get a new one provided you have an e-ticket, valid ID, and the torn wristband. You will have to pay a fee of 5 euros for a new one. The new wristband has to be put on your wrist. 
If you’ve lost your wristband completely, you can get a new one for 20 euros. We could remove you from the park without a valid wrist band. Please, don’t lose it.

Can I wear my bag at the convention?
Yes you can. We’ve found that it’s a hassle to have to put away your bags. However, safety comes first. So never leave your bag unattended and make sure it doesn’t block any paths. We could check your bag at the Market Dome.

Can I visit Viencon if I’m a minor?
Yes, of course! Viencon is for everyone.

Is Viencon Summer Festival accessible for wheelchairs?
Yes, Center Parcs is accessible for wheelchair users.

Can we bring pets?
Yes, you’re allowed to bring up to two pets with you. There will be an extra fee of 16,50 euro for each pet.

Can I park my car in the vicinity?
Viencon visitors can park their car near their bungalow. If there isn’t enough space, then you can park your car at the parking space of Center Parcs.

How do I get there if I come from a different country?
Schiphol Airport
From Schiphol Airport there will be direct train to Horst-Sevenum. These trains depart every 30 minutes and estimated travel time will be 2 hours. 

Eindhoven Airport
From Eindhoven airport you can take bus 400 or 401. These busses depart twice every hour. From Eindhoven central station you can take a direct train to Horst-Sevenum. These depart every 30 minutes. Traveling time will be roughly 1 hour.

Maastricht-Aachen Aiport
From Maastricht-Aachen airport you can take bus 30 to Sittard central station. From here you can take the train to Roermond. At Roermond you change trains for the one that is bound for Venlo. At Venlo central station you change train for the one that is bound for Schiphol and you will get off at Horst-Sevenum. Travelling time will be roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes.
It's possible to check detailed information about the dutch public transport on the following websites: 

Can I come by public transport?
Yes, you have to go to Horst-Sevenum train station. We’ve got busses that will bring you to the convention from there, free of charge. The park itself is hard to reach by public transport.

Is there an ATM?
Yes, there is one ATM at the Market Dome. It's best to come prepared with cash as this ATM can run out of money unfortunately. 

What happens if Viencon gets canceled?
If the event gets canceled, all bookings that have been made will be refunded.