By accessing the festival grounds, you conform to the rules below! In case these rules allow room for interpretation, the final decision will be made by members of Staff, Security, Stewards, and Gophers.

Taking photos & videos during Viencon
Viencon is all about scenery and fantastic opportunities to make beautiful photographs and videos. However, there are a few rules and regulations.
Below you will find our rules regarding making a photographical or video registration of the festival and hints for visitors on how to interact with photographers and videographers.

It is prohibited to record the following locations and people before, during, and after Viencon in any way
* Every video room, the event rooms, and the game room, including DDR unless stated otherwise.
* Our professional security people (clearly distinguished by their bright yellow security jacket).
* Any artists and/or members of (a) band(s) performing at the festival, unless stated otherwise.
* Everyone (this includes cosplayers) who did not give permission to have their picture taken or be filmed by the registering party.

Hints for cosplayers
As a cosplaying visitor of our festival you are considered a special object of interest and a keen subject for photo- and videographer. Some of you don't have any problems with that, others just want to cosplay.

Photo- and videographers are recognisable through their official visitor’s wristband, which they must wear at all times when taking photos and filming. If this is not the case and the person in question is on festival grounds, please warn the security, staff or one of our gophers. When in doubt, always warn any of these, even outside festival grounds. Forewarned is forearmed.

Viencon and its members are not liable in any way for infractions on Portrait Rights as mentioned in Dutch Copyright Law 1912, article 19-21.

Staff and co-workers of Viencon, including official Photographer(s) and/or Videographer(s) are an exception to these rules. The photos and videos they take will only be used for promotional purposes of Viencon and future editions.