Prohibited items at the swimming pool
It’s prohibited for visitors of the swimming pool, Aqua Mundo, to bring and/or use the following goods:

*All kinds of glasswork, thermos flasks and tumblers, glass, lunch coolers, drinks, and food; 
*Inflatable wares such as an Airbed Matrass, boats, hard and leather balls, tennis balls; 
*Sound equipment (except for equipment working on battery);
*Photography and video devices that use a 220 Volt cable connection (photography and video devices using battery are allowed);  
*Photography and video devices are not to be used in the dressing rooms and showers;  
*Items that can harm oneself and the visitors such as weapons, needles (except for diabetics), drugs, etc.;
*Any type of pet.

You are requested to store clothing in the designated lockers at the cloakroom of the swimming pool. Please do not bring valuable items. Items cannot be given at the lifeguard towers. Visitors are to empty their used locker after leaving Aqua Mundo. The coin used to close the locker is then returned. The staff is able and allowed to remove unattended clothing from dressing rooms and lockers after closing hours. We (Center Parcs) are not responsible for the content of the lockers.

Children to the age of 11 are not allowed to be in the pool without adult, someone over the age of 18, supervision. Parents and/or supervisors should provide children who can't swi with lifejackets and armbans. The adult needs to be in arm's reach at all time.

Rejection or expulsion from the Aqua Mundo
Entry will be denied and/or stay will be terminated in the following cases:

*If not following the instructions of the staff and regulations;
*When offenses are repeated, the entry can be denied indefinitely;
*Being in possession of one or multiple goods of point 1;
*Being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol;
*Committing theft (which is always reported to the police);
*Having contagious diseases or open wounds;

Stay in Aqua Mundo
*Smoking is prohibited in the Aqua Mundo;
*You are requested to shower before entering;
*It is prohibited to use soap and shampoo in the Aqua Mundo for safety reasons, with exception of the showers.
*It is prohibited to wear (outdoor) footwear.
*It is only allowed to wear swim clothes in the Aqua Mundo. It is prohibited to swim or sunbathe topless.
*It is prohibited to dive, due to the shallow pools.
*Waterslides, and the like, are only to be used when the water currents are turned on.
*It is strictly prohibited to stand, jump, walk, and take objects and/or people on the slides.
*Visitors are to leave the outside pools of the Aqua Mundo in case of storm.
*Mind that frequent use of the slides will lead to wear and tear of swimming clothes.
*It is prohibited to run out of safety precautions and as not to disturb other visitors.

General regulations 
People and/or groups can be denied entry to the Aqua Mundo and/or restaurants when they appear to or are expected to be a disturbance. Paid entry tickets can be refunded if the visitors hadn’t made use of the Aqua Mundo. Every vistor must behave in a manner that warrants order, safety, and hygiene. Staff rooms are prohibited for visitors. The number of visitors can be restricted if the Aqua Mundo is too crowded, due safety reasons. The management holds the right to change the opening times of or close (parts of) the Aqua Mundo in case of danger. It’s necessary to respect the opening and closing times. Day visitors are expected to have left at 22:30/11:30pm. 

Visiting is the Aqua Mundo is wholly at own risk. The management is not liable for accidents, thefts, damages to property of the visitors in the swimming areas, sauna, dressing rooms or lockers, parking, bicycle storage, and other accommodations. Visitors who cause damage to the property of Center Parcs Europe N.V. are liable and can be claimed for the all costs from the damages, repairs and replacements. 

Parents and/or supervisors need to make sure that children who can’t swim wear swimsafes. Swimsafes are available for free to young swimmers at the Aqua Mundo. They help floating, but are no guarantee for drowning. Even when using swimsafes, children are expected to swim only under supervision of an adult. 

Rules on cosplaying at the pool
Mind that your cosplay is waterproof and chlorine-resistant. This also includes your make-up, clothes, and wig. You are not to swim or dive with your wig. This is to prevent pollution and damage to the pool by cosplay wigs and materials (such as mermaid pearls). However, there will be underwater photo shoots at a specific time and place where you are allowed to wear your wig in and under water after deliberation. A monofin is allowed. However, if the monofin is part of a costume, then the costume needs to be waterproof also.